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Growing Outward

All activity at IBMR is oriented towards creating opportunities for students to discover, explore and learn - not just within the confines of their curriculum - but extending outside the boundaries of the classroom and academics. Students are encouraged to expand their horizons, enrich their thinking and grow outward.

At the same time, IBMR firmly believes that rigorous academics is the backbone of all education and students at IBMR go through a rigorous curriculum that packs in a total of 50 hours per week that includes 25 hours of classroom teaching, 8 hours of labs, 15 hours of project work, and 2 hours of industry exposure.

Academic Orientation

A strong academic orientation lays the foundation for life-long learning, ingraining in the youth the psyche of the eternal student. The orientation program enables the students to familiarise themselves with the teaching methodology and aids used in the classroom, use of in-campus facilities and services, library and lab use and other services. The programmes also focus on academic and personal counseling, equipping students with necessary study skills required for academic setting, enabling students to adjust to the IBMR's teaching model. Special foundation programmes are offered to foreign students who may be visiting India for the first time. These programmes are designed to help them understand Indian culture, society and values so that they can adapt themselves to the local conditions without problems.

Modular Curriculum

We believe that it is vital for a student to have a strong focus on the subjects of study at any given time. In order to facilitate this the curriculum is designed with a modular structure. This also makes it possible for students to opt for electives that supplement their areas of interest and skill.

Project Work and Presentation

Project Work and presentations expose students to real-world situations which require students to take the initiative, research facts, work on time bound programmes and develop communication and presentation skills which play an important role in shaping the future of the students.

Intensive Interaction with Industry

   In today’s highly competitive world, it is a must for students to have exposure to the outside world, preparing them for the challenges that they will face in their field. At all levels, students levels are exposed to the industry through lectures, seminars, study tours, industrial visits, etc.

Guest Lectures

Eminent personalities from different industries and walks of life are invited to visit the campus and share their experiences and give students a global outlook through interactive programmes.

Industry Exposure

Students are given the opportunity to work on live projects through tie-ups with organisations across a spread of industries. A walkthrough these systems, approaches and business strategies gives students a feel of the real world, preparing them to be contributors to the industry from day one.

Professional Development


Another unique feature of the IBMR Programme is the Professional Development module which runs parallel to the main programme.

Participants are engaged in a guided process of :

  • Self Assessment
  • Reflection
  • Identification of a personal growth plan

Based on current organisational needs, seminars and workshops are organised on various ics such as emotional intelligence, media relations, managing relationships with Board of Directors, as well as working with Fortune 500 companies. Participants also lead informal sessions based on their own experiences in a range of “hot ic” discussions.

The programme also brings a number of guest speakers to the programme, including corporate executives as well as Government Officials.

Creating Winners

The strength of IBMR's model lies in bringing its ability to deliver study programmes that understand the need of students in the Indian context while at the same time keeping a global relevance.

Apart from the rigour of classroom academics, IBMR's model integrates a spectrum of additional components that include Training Programs, Exchange Programs, Industrial Visits, Study trips Expert lectures, Seminars, Hands-on training in industries, Specific-skills training, Project guidance etc.

Tapping into the years of experience and accumulated knowledge base, the leadership of IBMR has evolved a model that has a character of its own and is designed to add an extra dimension to the students's personality and give them the competitive edge.

Why ?

IBMR offers Wide range of Programs of Bharathar University, MS University, Maharshi Dayanand University, Sikkim Manipal University(SMU).

SMU/TU degrees are highly acclaimed & widely recognized by Industries, nationally & internationally.

Lectures delivered through 2 way Interactive broadband based communication(24 x 365 days Internet Campus, connected via VSAT).

MDP & PDP Programs on current ics.

Choice of Full-Time, Part-Time, Correspondence education programs with multi-locational advantage.

The courses may be pursued at a very low cost without residency requirement abroad. Residential courses of this nature in USA would cost 20 times as much to a student.

Teaching faculty is drawn from academic and business background.

Up to date syllabi in keeping up with latest trends in management. The focus is to enable students to operate effectively in Global environments.

Programs include training in Soft-skills and Core training in transferable skills.

Students have access to excellent infrastructural facilities.

IBMR has received overwhelming response from Industry in student placements.

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