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Vinaychandra M. Mahendrakar

Every individual has a certain potential, a definite career goal. At IBMR, we create the success story tapping the individual's inherent strengths, ironing out his weaknesses, arming him with outstanding management skills and placing him in a world of opportunity.

With ever-increasing competition in a shrinking world, prospective employers have started to lay off raw hands and instead focus on young professionals with practical capabilities and professional dynamism. At IBMR the thrust is on thorough practical understanding of acquired knowledge along with all-round personality development. This gives our students a head start over others and helps them blend easily into the work culture of any organization from day one.

At IBMR, the faculty is like a team of professional sculptors who have absolute confidence in their hammer and chisel of knowledge to shape the future of a raw young man/woman to a significantly higher value compared to others. They will go out of the way to mould students to a high degree of exceptional competence and groom them as quality management professionals. That's a promise.

I take this opportunity in expressing my good wishes to each one of you in your endeavor at IBMR.



Shantilal D. Jain

I t gives me great pleasure in introducing our Institute as a pioneer in the state of Karnataka catering management education in terms of self development of students and also to meet the social responsibilities towards the poorer section of our people.

Keeping in view the act of spreading the management education across the country and more so in this part of Karnataka, we had started the management educational center at Hubli and Bangalore early in 1998. We are proud that today, the essence of our aim has been fulfilled since the students of the Institute have occupied various managerial positions in many of the graded industries.

In recent times it has become very essential for working executives to go hand in hand with the concept of global economy.

The Institute with its strength of experienced and highly qualified staff and professionals shall definitely meet the need of today's executives for their prosperous future in their career. I extend my heartiest welcome to visit our campus and be a part of IBMR


Vasant B Horatti

We are here to bring a welcome change to the outlook and execution of the business media in a productive manner than through traditional encyclopedias on business administration, commerce studies And Information technology.

It is an analysis of my own experience in life that Education should be an evaluation of every aspect of life, as a member of a larger community, on the basis of value Judgment and achievement, to soar higher. The present education through productive and functional does not give full formation but rather stuff the student with information which is irrelevant to the practicalities and competitiveness.

Education is not about the ability to create a definitive dogmatic end state; it is about the unfolding of thought processes, to set up market research services through industries on campus and develop business plans for companies.

Our objective is to achieve through collective efforts of Students and guide them to undergo self discovery and development of talents and skills with an analytical attitude towards business administration, Trade & Commerce and application.

The aim of the IBMR is to uphold its prestigious reputation by a busy brain storming success strategy, to make management trails in a globalised market. We impart a progressive Curriculum Syllabus which is flexible and adaptable.

IBMR Business School is about the connectedness to a larger world. It is about creating extra ordinary success with ordinary lines. We will train the student community as a potential contributor to the needs of the society. We create awareness in them of the developments that are taking place beyond his national borders.

We train for a career. So to reduce bias, IBMR's policy is to present a neutral point of view with an open-content project fueled by prestige and Social Standing Commerce and business has to be effective to serving into a culture where in we can look up with pride the contribution we make towards a better India.

We are confident that the students will understand and appreciate the IBMR methodology and eventually be a witness and partake in the economical, social and financial outlook of a nation who stands firm resolved in major issues concurring the world today. We at the IBMR do not want to be remembered as a generation. Let history record as instead, as a generation that discovered the road to bridge the gap between academia and industry with a Strong alumni network of innovative teaching with a top quality executive education program to meet education program to meet the continuing education needs of our University.


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